A downloadable game for Windows

This project was built for Fuck This Jam 2014 <www.fuckthisjam.com>, a seven-day game jam from May 31 to June 6.


Upon returning home one day, our protagonist finds her house in shambles! Someone has stolen her magical animation machine! Fight off waves of flying toasters and other kitchenware to recover what's rightfully yours!


It doesn't run!

Don't disturb the folder layout after unzipping, or the game will not be able to find its resources.

Otherwise, you may be missing the MSVC2012 runtime. Download it from Microsoft here:


How do I play?

Fly around the screen, shoot the toasters and plates. Pick up health and different weapon types dropped by enemies.


Movement - Arrow keys

Fire - Z (single shot)

X (multi shot)

V (wave shot)

Shawn Sloan

Bryan Taylor (@acefanatic02)

Built with:

SFML 2.0 <www.sfml-dev.org>

sfxr <www.drpetter.se>

Install instructions

Download majo.zip.  Unzip it.  Run /Game/Majo_no_Mahouki.exe within the extracted folder.

Do not modify the folder layout after unzipping or the game will not be able to find its resources.

If you receive an error about missing DLLs, download the Visual C++ 2012 runtime library from Microsoft here:



majo.zip 1 MB